Quality Control

 Certifications     |      2016-08-27
For many years, LKK is dedicated in pursuing the best quality for our products, with the policy of “Winning our customers by top quality”. LKK has passed the quality certification system of “ISO/TS16949”.

LKK has an excellent supply chain management system, and we pass through our advanced idea of quality control system to our supplier, helping them to improve the quality of raw materials.

LKK applies the international standards of G8D or 5 Why method to deal with after-sales problems. By experiments and stimulations in the laboratory, we response to the issue fast and provide our solutions to customers in time.

Our QC policy is “Satisfy our customer with best quality”. LKK is dedicated in improving our management system, making efforts to meet the expectations from our customers.

Entrance to the Dust-free workshop

Inspection during production

Electrical life tester


Endurance tester room


High-low temperature tester, range = -40℃~ +150℃

Salt mist tester
Spraying volume: 1.0~2.0ml/80cm3/h

Lamp Test machine