In LKK culture, we are always creating a positive, motivation-driven environment for everyone here. We establish the principle of “high efficiency, high output, high rewards” for talents. Our people recognize the core value that the company is seeking benefit for everyone as well as for the society and shareholders, and are willing to grow together with the company.

     •  LKK is committing to becoming a first-class relay supplier in the world, we will:

     •  Attract more talents to our company

     •  Establish a long-term partnership with our customers, growing together

     •  Build an efficient and creative mechanism for our employees, realizing the full potentials from our people

     •  Improve our KPI system; combine the growth of LKK and employee’s personal development together

LKK spirit
Efficient, innovative, pragmatic and self-motivated

Core values
Creating values for our customers, being responsible for social welfare

Quality Policy
Professional, innovative, best quality for our clients

LKK Vision
LKK is willing to grow together with our customers, leading the automotive civilization for the benefit of humankind