Social Responsibility

Environment Protection

 LKK dedicated for the balance among economic development, environment protection and social advancement for the sustainable development.

LKKestablish a strategic plan for sustainable development. We take sustainable development into account when we design and manufacture our products; when we provide our products and service to customers and when we cooperate with suppliers.

 LKK has been dedicating in the improvement of corporate environmental policy and the reduction of pollution. LKKsets the mission and responsibility with the principle of “energy-conservation, pollution-reduction, energy-saving and efficient-production”. LKK provides employees with safe and comfortable working environment. All assembly plants reached 100,000-level clean production requirements. The parts plants, like molds and metalwork, plastic injection plants, are equipped with air-conditioners.

Social development

Economic welfare: LKK has 300 employees, yearly sales reaching 200 million Yuan. LKK is one of the major relay manufacturers in Xiamen, with exporting volume ranking top 10 locally. LKK is a big tax payer for the local government.

Social welfare: LKK is an active participant in social aid donations for several natural disasters domestically and internationally. LKK also regularly visits disabled persons and poverty households bringing assistance to the group who needs help.

Educational welfare: LKK has established a long-term cooperation with Jimei University and Xiamen University. We provide a talent training base for the top university students, giving them a good opportunity for social practice.