Truck and bus

 Solutions     |      2016-09-07

Truck and bus

Our products not only apply to 5-man passenger cars but also cover the trucks and buses with 24V relays. Our products are used in trucks with well-known brands like Mercedes Benz, MAN, Volvo, etc. You can also find our relays in buses with brands like Golden Dragon, Mercedes Benz, and GM Wuling. The market share in commercial vehicle section also counts for certain amount for LKK.



Relay Combination Box


LKK with the slogan “Customer first, creating values for our customers”, we provide several solutions that helps our customer. Take relay combination box as an example: With the automotive ignition switch, we need several relays in combination in order to control the automotive power. For this function alone, customer needs to find several suppliers to purchase those electronic components to make a combination box which includes relays, fuse, box, etc. This greatly adds workload for our customers.


We build a combination socket with relays, fuse and other components together for our customers. We provide one stop solution for our customers. And those combined products are strictly tested by our laboratory standards as well as in actual test with cars.