Indutrial Control

 Solutions     |      2016-09-08

Power Relays on electricity grid

 Power relays are widely used in electricity generator, transformer, and transmission line as a switch for protecting the  circuit. Among the developing countries around the world, India, Brazil and African countries are leading the way in  electricity grid construction. With the ever fast-growing on the development of electricity grid  construction, there is  a huge potential demand for Magnetic Latching relays. LKK is following up the trend and  developed magnetic  latching relays in order to meet market demand.

Magnetic Latching Relays on smart meters

Magnetic latching relays require one pulse of coil power to move their contacts in one direction, and another, redirected pulse to move them back. Repeated pulses from the same input have no effect. Magnetic latching relays are useful in applications where interrupted power should not be able to transition the contacts.

Magnetic latching relays can have either single or dual coils. On a single coil device, the relay will operate in one direction when power is applied with one polarity, and will reset when the polarity is reversed. On a dual coil device, when polarized voltage is applied to the reset coil the contacts will transition. AC controlled magnetic latch relays have single coils that employ steering diodes to differentiate between operate and reset commands. Magnetic latching relays are generally used on smart meters in electricity grid system.